Obtaining a Legal Separation in California

Legal separation in California is an alternative to divorce. Since legal separation and divorce decisions can have extremely serious consequences for both the parties and their children, it is usually a good idea to involve an experienced attorney in the process. An attorney can safeguard all of your legal rights while your case is pending and […]

Obtaining a Divorce in California

Getting a divorce in California is a complex process with many stringent requirements and time deadlines. Divorce attorney Rick Banks can help you navigate your way through the court system and work toward resolving all of your divorce issues, including child custody, child support, and marital property division and distribution disputes. Residency Requirements for Divorce in California […]

Guardianships: What is a Guardianship and How to Become A Guardian

During a guardianship proceeding, a probate court judge gives someone – other than a parent – custody of a child. The recipient can also gets the power to manage the child’s estate or property. A guardian may be classified as a guardian of the person, a guardian of the estate, or a guardian of both the […]

Tips for Obtaining Legal Guardianship of a Grandchild

Obtaining guardianship of a grandchild can be a complex process. Legal guardianship allows a grandparent (or some other qualified person) to care for a minor child and make decisions on the child’s behalf. In order for a grandparent to obtain legal guardianship of a grandchild, the following steps must first take place: The grandparent must […]