Same-Sex Divorce Attorney Explains What to Expect

With the rise in same-sex marriages, there are subsequently an increases in cases where the marriage does not work. With the guidance of same-sex divorce attorney Rick D. Banks, you can dissolve your marriage or domestic partnership. Under California… Read More
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Alimony Lawyer Explains How to Calculate Your Spousal Support

If you or our spouse is seeking spousal support, you may wonder how spousal support is calculated and if there are any special challenges. A knowledgeable alimony lawyer can educate you on these issues. Calculating Temporary Alimony The purpose of te… Read More
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A Paternity Lawyer Can Help You Establish Parentage of Your Child

Asserting your parental rights may seem daunting – especially without the help of a knowledgeable paternity lawyer. Whether your ties to your child are biological or not, you have parental rights. However, you must first establish your paternity le… Read More
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Father's Rights Attorney: Fathers Have Equal Parental Rights

Many believe that family courts are gender biased. The truth is that California courts assume that each parent has equal rights and responsibilities regarding his or her child. Unfortunately, however, some fathers fail to adequately assert their righ… Read More
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