How to Improve Communication in Relationships

Good communication is the key to a successfully getting along with your loved ones. Being able to convey how you feel and what you think is essential in good communication. However, that requires knowing how to effectively communicate with others. By understanding different communication styles, you can better interact with others and have more successful […]

9 Divorce Resolutions to Make for the New Year

The past year may have been one of the worst years of your life, especially if you just signed divorce papers or decided to separate from the one you once believed to be your lifelong partner. As we head into 2018, it is a time for new beginnings. But starting over can be daunting, intimidating, and a bit lonely. […]

Self-Care Can Help You Survive Your Divorce and Come Out Stronger

As an accomplished divorce lawyer, I have seen too many clients not provide themselves with what will help them through the emotionally charged and complex process of divorce: self-care. Whether you are going through an amicable or a contentious divorce, you are being pulled in different, stressful directions and experiencing waves of transitions. Thus, it […]

Here Are Some 2017 Celebrity Divorce Couples You May Not Have Known About

Love can be a whirlwind of emotions, causing some to think with only their hearts as they head starry-eyed to the alter. But as time passes, they realize their love was not the lasting kind. 2017 saw heartbreak as quite few celebrities decided to separate or divorce. Check out some 2017 celebrity divorce couples below. Celebrity Divorce: Chris Pratt […]