What Are the Consequences of Not Paying Child Support?

It can be difficult to meet all of your monthly financial obligations; however, the consequences of not paying child support can be much greater than not paying other bills. If you are facing a nonpayment of child support situation, you need a skille… Read More
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Adultery and Divorce: Does Cheating Impact Your Case?

Family law issues can be emotional and overwhelming, especially if they involve adultery and divorce. Child visitation, legal separation, visitation, alimony, and many other types of family law cases are significantly impacted by adultery and divorce… Read More
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Celebrity Child Support Cases That Took Some Stars to the Cleaners

Disputes involving children can be complex, but nothing illustrates that more than celebrity child support cases. While the average monthly child support payment for parents in the United States is $430, celebrities typically pay much more. Because c… Read More
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7 Things That May Affect Your Child Custody Arrangement

Deciding a child custody arrangement that satisfies all parties is never easy. When two parents are unable to reach common ground, they may have to resort to the courtroom to settle custody disputes. Often, fighting for custody can be complex, and pr… Read More
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