How Can I Get a Spousal Support Modification in California?

Since life is unpredictable, there may come a time when you have to ask the court to modify a spousal support order. That is, you may need to request that the court reduce or even terminate the alimony you pay a former spouse. You may be wondering how to go about requesting spousal support modification. If […]

How to Handle a Child Custody Evaluation

If your divorce involves adversarial child custody issues, you can ask for or the court may order a child custody evaluation. Also known as a “730 evaluation,” this is basically a study of your family, not necessarily a challenge of your fitness as a parent. It involves a meeting and discussions with an evaluator chosen […]

Child Support Enforcement: How Do You Deal With a Deadbeat Parent?

In every state, strict child support enforcement laws hold divorced parents to continually support their children. However, in the past, many kids have grow up in homes without the financial support they need. This lack of support has led to many problems for the children. Fortunately, deadbeat parents are finding it harder to skip out […]

The Best Interest of the Child: What the Courts Consider When Determining Custody

When it comes to deciding disputed child custody cases, the “best interest of the child” standard plays a central role. This standard, however is not clearly defined. It thus lends itself to a judge’s own subjective ideas about what’s in the best interest of the child. Though this amorphous standard can vary between judges, there are […]