Reasons to Modify Child Support, and How to Do It

Life is predictable. Even well-thought child support plans may prove unsuccessful. If your incoming child support payments no longer covers the basic needs of you child, then you will to go back to court. After your child support order is set in place, both you or your spouse can request that the court raises or […]

What Should I Do If My Child Refuses Visitation?

Once divorced, or legally separated, you and your ex must have a custody order in place. You can either work out custody and visitation arrangements together, or have the court make the decisions for you. This custody order will state which parent holds primary physical and legal custody, or whether both parents share custody. This order […]

What Happens If One Parent Is Withholding a Child From Another Parent?

Unfortunately, sometimes divorced spouses can’t seem to co-parent successfully. Ignoring the existing parenting plan, a custodial parent may intentionally prevent the non-custodial parent from seeing their child for months, or even sometimes years. So what happens if one parent is withholding a child from another parent? While many non-custodial parents may simply accept this type of behavior, […]

How Is Property Divided in a Divorce in California?

How is property divided in a divorce in California? California law allows you and your spouse to decide how your property will be divided during your divorce. Under community property laws, the assets and debts both you and your spouse acquire during your marriage belong equally to the both of you. Because of this, you and your spouse […]