How to Prepare for Divorce: 10 Important Steps to Take

Divorce can be a stressful, confusing, and time-consuming process. If your marriage isn’t working out and divorce is on the horizon, you may be wondering how to prepare for divorce. Here are the ten most important steps to take to make sure you protect yourself before things hit the fan. 1. Consult a Divorce Attorney Consult an attorney to […]

Changing a Child’s Last Name After a Divorce

Usually, changing a child’s last name after a divorce is not too difficult. To begin the process, all you need to do is download a few basic forms for free from your county court’s website. However, keep in mind that a judge will only approve a proposed name change if it serves the best interest of your […]

Determining Who Gets to Stay in the House During Divorce

Your home may not only be your most valuable asset, but you may also be emotionally invested in it. Because of this, determining who gets to stay in the house during divorce may be extremely difficult. Looking at the specific circumstances of your situation can help you determine that answer. If you have questions about […]

How Child Support Is Determined

When awarding child support, the federal government mandates that states use consistent and predictable guidelines when determining the amount. Below, we give a brief rundown of the most common types of child support guidelines used throughout the country. To learn more about how child support is determined by the courts, contact the Law Offices of […]