How to Avoid Paying Alimony

In order to avoid alimony payments that are either too much or too long, you must be diligent before the court gives the order. We cannot stress enough that you should NEVER violate a court order or lie about your income to the court. This article will detail lawful, preventive measures for avoiding unreasonable alimony payments. […]

How Long Does Alimony Last?

The duration of alimony not only affects your financial planning, but your sense of financial security as well. After all, whether you’re the one paying alimony or the once that receives it, those payments will affect your expenses, income, and standard of living. How Long Does Alimony Last in Short Marriages? When deciding issues of divorce, […]

Holiday Visitation for Non-Custodial Parent

During divorce, when one parent is awarded physical child custody, the other parent is typically given visitation rights. However, child visitation rights are not an automatic right — they’re considered a privilege. Once established, it’s vital that you stick to the parenting plan and visitation schedule, even during major holidays. While the holiday season may seem […]

Dealing With Divorce During the Holidays: 3 Steps to a Happier Holiday Season

Holidays that encourage spending time with friends and family can often emphasize how much your life has changed after divorce. And dealing with divorce during the holidays can be both sad and stressful. But making plans in advance for major holidays is a great way to develop coping strategies following your divorce. If you were […]