7 Tax Implications of Divorce

Tax considerations are rarely ever a driving force during divorce negotiations. But the tax implications of divorce can be significantly crippling for both spouses. This is especially true in regards to property distribution and spousal support. Fortunately, taking a strategic approach in considering these implications can mitigate the tax consequences of your divorce and help […]

Divorce Debt: How Is Debt Divided in Divorce?

Divorce often requires that couples not only divide their marital property, but their debt as well. Most often, people get so wrapped up in who gets the house that they forget about divorce debt. So how is debt divided in divorce? Community property states, such as California, require that couples share all assets and debts legally incurred during […]

How Can a Father Get Full Custody?

How can a father get full custody? This is a common question we get from clients. Unfortunately, the answer is never easy. There is no clear cut formula that guarantees a father will receive full custody. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to better help your chances of succeeding. We’ve represented many […]

Selling a House After a Divorce Agreement

During the divorce process, you may be confronted with a dilemma — do I keep my house during divorce, or can I sell it? Unfortunately, this question alone is often a huge source of stress for divorcing spouses. While keeping the family home can offer a place of stability, selling it can lead to much needed […]