What Are Grandparent’s Rights in California?

In many families, grandparents are deeply involved in their grandchildren’s lives. Sometimes, they may even take on the role of parent. However, after a divorce, grandparents may wonder whether they have visitation rights under the law. To learn more about grandparent’s rights in California, speak to a family law attorney at the Law Office of Rick D. Banks today. […]

What Does It Mean to Have 50/50 Custody in California?

California courts prefer to give both parents custody whenever possible. This type of joint custody, where both parents share an equal amount of parenting time, is commonly known as 50/50 custody. Below, we explain what it means to share 50/50 custody. To learn more, speak to a Fresno child custody attorney at the Law Office of Rick […]

Termination of Parental Rights in California Due to Child Abandonment

Has your child’s other parent neglected your child through lack of financial support or visitation? Or maybe you’re caring for a child whose parents have failed to exercise their parental rights for the last six months. If you’re involved in either situation described above, you may be seeking termination of parental rights in California. Whether you […]

Step Parent Rights: What Are My Visitation Rights as a Step Parent?

If you are a step parent, you may be wondering what your rights are when it comes to visiting your step child. Historically, step parents have held very few rights concerning their spouse’s children. However, that began to change after 2000, when most states passed legislation that broadened step parent rights, including visitation rights. While these […]