How Can a Mother Lose Custody of Her Child?

Many still believe that the court has a “bias” that favors mothers in custody case. But the truth is, any custodial parent (mother or father) who engages in misconduct can lose custody of their child. The court rules in favor of the child’s best interest. Thus, if the mother of child is a custodial parent […]

How Does Adultery Affect a Divorce in California?

Since California is a no-fault state, does that mean that adultery does not affect divorce? Unfortunately, that is a common misconception. Below, we discuss what adultery actually means in context of a family law case, and how adultery affects a divorce. What Is Adultery in the Context of a Divorce Case? Adultery (also called cheating or infidelity) […]

Proving Alcoholism in Custody Cases

Alcoholism can turn even the most good-natured person into an unpredictable danger. Because of this, the court is very uncomfortable assigning any child custody rights to an alcoholic parent, including both physical and legal custody. Doing so could potentially jeopardize a child’s well-being, which the court would never do willingly. Even if the alcoholic parent is […]

How Does Child Support Work With 50/50 Custody?

Divorce is often a long and complex process. This is especially true when children are in the picture. In California, there are two major issues you need to address regarding children and divorce: 1) child custody, and 2) child support. How does child support work with 50/50 custody? Do parents with joint custody still need to […]