What Is the Penalty for Hiding Assets in Divorce?

Chances are that if you’ve thought about getting a divorce, you’ve probably also thought about how it will affect you financially. If money is already tight, the expenses associated with divorce can be more than a little worrisome. You may find it tempting to hide away money from your spouse in order to have a little nest egg […]

What to Include in a Parenting Plan

Creating a parenting plan is often a fundamental part of the divorce process. The plan typically works out issues such as where the children will reside and just how much parenting time each parent should receive. By crafting a comprehensive parenting plan early on, you can help prevent future fights over unanswered issues. Below, we discuss what to […]

How Does Supervised Visitation Work in California?

simply means that a non-custodial parent can only visit with their child in the presence of another adult. Primarily, the arrangement is used to keep the child safe while supporting the child/parent relationship. When deemed necessary, the court will work supervised visitation into the parenting plan. In addition, both parents may also be required to formulate a […]

How to Fight False Allegations in Family Court

Unfortunately, false allegations of child abuse have become common in family cases — after all, it’s not very hard to make an allegation. All it takes is a declaration under oath with a depiction of the abuse. But at the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks, our experienced family law attorneys know how to fight false allegations in family court. […]