Unpaid Alimony During the Pandemic: Am I Entitled to Backpay?

COVID-19 took a substantial economic toll on many families. Critically, with so many people out of work during the pandemic, those who relied on the financial support of their former spouses may end up with unpaid alimony. The impact of the unexpected loss of income from alimony can create substantial hardship — if you were […]

Handling Vaccine and Health Decisions as a Couple

One of the biggest challenges you might face after divorce is making crucial decisions about your child’s welfare and healthcare with your former spouse. If both parents share legal custody of a child, they will both need to work together to not only make decisions about their children’s education, but their healthcare as well. COVID-19 […]

How Long Does Alimony Last?

Alimony, also referred to as “spousal support,” is often one of the most contested aspects of any divorce case. Significantly, the duration of alimony doesn’t only affect future financial planning, but it can impact a spouse’s sense of economic security. Whether you’re the spouse paying alimony or receiving it, alimony can affect your everyday expenses […]