Annulment vs. Divorce in California

Most people are familiar with the divorce process. However, there’s another way a marriage can legally be ended in California — by an annulment. While the result is the same, in that the marital ties are severed, the legal effects of an annulment vs. divorce are very different. Although both a divorce and an annulment […]

Can I Request a Guardian ad Litem for My California Custody Case?

Child custody matters can become complicated when parents disagree on an arrangement. Unfortunately, children sometimes get stuck in the middle. In contentious cases that involve a child’s best interests, a guardian ad litem may be necessary to advocate for the child. While a guardian ad litem can either be requested by a parent or appointed […]

How Do Digital Assets Get Divided in Divorce?

Digital assets are becoming more prevalent in society, especially among millennials. Accordingly, dividing them is an increasingly common issue in divorce. While property division can be contentious when any marriage ends, the distribution of digital assets may present unique challenges. Digital asset division is still an emerging issue —and there isn’t much case law yet […]