Annulment: A Divorce Without Marriage

Going through a divorce is the most common way to end a marriage, but you will find that traditional divorce is not the only way that it happens. In fact, an annulment is an option that will sever the ties of marriage if the court finds that it was not valid from a legal standpoint. In these cases, it is as if the marriage never actually existed at all, and annulling a marriage could be the solution that you need.

Of course, not all marriages are going to be suitable for annulment. You have to know what types of things could constitute grounds for annulling. Some of the most common include bigamy and incest, so if two blood relatives were to marry, the court would simply void the marriage. The marriage would also be null if one of the spouses actually had another spouse at the time of the marriage. If one is a minor, annulment is possible, and so is marriage based on force, threats, and fraud. A green card marriage would be an example of fraud.

One has to keep in mind that some of these things can be quite difficult to prove. Fraud, and threats and pressure to marry can be difficult to prove, and if you can’t, then it could mean that you have to go through a traditional divorce. You should always make sure that you talk with a divorce attorney who is going to be able to help you deal with the dissolution of marriage, no matter how it might occur.