Thoughts On An Economic Recovery

Is the economy going to recover anytime soon? Don’t look to the middle class to help. In a word, people are tapped out. Consider the following: since the 1970′s, income for the average worker has not kept up with inflation. That means sons are earning less than their fathers. Meanwhile, he costs for necessities like health care, energy, and education continue to rise. If you are struggling to keep your head above water, this is probably the reason. Continue reading

What Happens If You Stop Paying Credit Cards?

I advise my clients to stop paying on credit cards once they decide to file a bankruptcy case. What happens if you stop paying them? You can expect to receive collection notices from the credit card company for about three months. Your account then gets sold to a collection company. The collection company will attempt to collect the debt for about three months. Finally the debt is sold to a lawyer. It takes the lawyer about three months to obtain a judgment from court. The judgment can lead to garnishment and a judgment lien on real estate. Continue reading