The Divorce Process A to Z

How do we handle divorce cases at The Law Offices of Rick D. Banks?

While every case is different, and not all cases require each of the steps outlined below, this is a list of what we normally do at our firm when preparing your divorce case, and, if necessary, trying the case.

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Your Credit Score and Bankruptcy

It is not easy to decide to file for bankruptcy protection. What if you need a loan in the near future? Will your credit rating be so damaged that you won’t qualify for a loan at a reasonable rate? The good news is that, most of the time, bankruptcy does not do as much damage to your credit score as you might expect. Long-term, it’s usually possible to get your credit score high enough for you to get a loan that isn’t a rip-off. Continue reading

How Do I Get Child Custody in A California Divorce Case?

The California Child Custody Court Process

California’s court process regarding child custody litigation can be very expensive, as well as lengthy. More importantly, contested child custody proceedings are hardly ever in the child’s best interest. Since the California Superior Court prefers to have custody and visitation issues decided outside of the courtroom and in a non-adversary manner, the parent’s family law attorney should encourage their clients to try and settle child custody and child visitation issues outside of the court. With the assistance of a California family law lawyer, an agreement is often possible. If there is no settlement outside of court, the parties must then also pursue mediation before the issue(s) may proceed to a hearing. The mediation recommendation is given much weight in the decision making process of the court. Continue reading

Can My Family Law Order Be Enforced?

Is the other party to your family law order in violation of the judgment? You probably want to know if the order can be enforced. Your family law order for spousal support, child support, child custody, and child visitation, as well as other issues contained in the judgment, is enforceable by contempt proceedings. Your local Fresno family law attorney can help you to enforce the obligation of the other party through court proceedings. Continue reading

What is the Definition of California Child Support

California Child Support Defined

Here in California, the Family Code says that child “support” refers to a support obligation owing on behalf of a child or an amount owing to a county for reimbursement of public assistance paid on behalf of a child. It also includes past-due support and arrearages; and, for children owed a duty of support, includes “maintenance and education.” Continue reading

How Do I Find A Good Divorce Attorney in Fresno?

If you find yourself facing a divorce from your spouse, you essentially have four options as to how to deal with it: 1) represent yourself in court; 2) hire the meanest, “junk-yard dog” attorney you can find; 3) hire an experienced Fresno divorce attorney who will help you through the process; 4) quit your job, sell everything you own at a garage sale, and move to a secluded beach in Mexico (or some other foreign country where your spouse can’t find you). Continue reading