California Passes Fair Debt Buying Practices Act 2014

The California General Assembly Monday unanimously passed a bill titled the Fair Debt Buying Practices Act, California SB 233, bringing in a new set of protections for consumers dealing with debt collectors. The bill passed the Assembly Monday on a 72-0 vote, and passed the state Senate on a 36-0 unanimous vote in May. The measure now goes to California Governor Jerry Brown for his signature. Continue reading

Facing Divorce? How to make it “Friendly”

Is an Amicable Divorce Possible?

Have you ever heard of an amicable divorce? To some, this term is as foreign as an alien language, as rare as a Cubs World Series win, and as unlikely as a rain of toads in top hats. While it might not seem possible to imagine a divorce where everything is simple and friendly, they really are possible. In fact, they really do happen, and they happen because couples are able to look at the larger picture and not bicker. A couple who wants to have an amicable divorce is going to be able to do so without too much trouble as long as they are willing to keep a good attitude. Continue reading