Will I Lose My Home If I File For Bankruptcy in CA?

One common bankruptcy myth that floats around is that you will lose all of your property, including your home, if you file for bankruptcy. This is far from the truth and in most cases, debtors do not lose their home, car or much of their property at all when they file. California has bankruptcy exemptions that protect people filing for bankruptcy from losing all their property. The first matter to consider when trying to determine what property you can lose is which type of bankruptcy you are looking to file for. If you are filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you generally will not need to worry about losing any property. The process of a Chapter 13 involves putting a debtor on a debt repayment plan so they can repay their creditors. In doing so, asset liquidation is not necessary because the creditors are receiving payment. Continue reading

Child Custody Determinants in California

Are you going through a divorce and facing a child custody battle in California? It is helpful to be aware of the factors considered when creating a child custody order in the state of California. The court will ultimately make decisions according to what they see as in the best interest of the child. In order to reach the end result that you would like, it is important to show custody with you as the best option for the children. There are successful ways of doing so without jeopardizing your case and I can help. First, you need to know what the court will look into, here are some factors:

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