Annulment: A Divorce Without Marriage

Going through a divorce is the most common way to end a marriage, but you will find that traditional divorce is not the only way that it happens. In fact, an annulment is an option that will sever the ties of marriage if the court finds that it was not valid from a legal standpoint. In these cases, it is as if the marriage never actually existed at all, and annulling a marriage could be the solution that you need. Continue reading

Restraining Orders – How to Get One?

Chances are that you’ve heard the term “restraining order” before. Celebrities often have to have these orders against overzealous and sometimes dangerous fans that simply do not know when to stay away. Celebrities are certainly not the only ones who have a need for these types of orders though. In California, if you feel as though someone is harassing and threatening you and that this person poses a danger, it is possible to receive a restraining order. Continue reading