Safety First – Celebrating The July 4th in Fresno

july 4th in fresnoWhen it comes to celebrating our nation’s Independence, the city and people of Fresno know how to throw a party. From concerts to carnivals and parades in between, there will be something for everyone this year. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without fireworks of some kind and there are plenty to choose from. There are many outstanding shows scheduled throughout the city and over the course of the entire holiday weekend. But before you decide to forego the professional displays and light up the sky with your own spectacular, keep a few things in mind when it comes to possessing fireworks in the state of California: Continue reading

Elder Abuse Complaints in Tulare County Spike

Officials from Adult Protective Services (APS) in Tulare County are reporting a significant jump in the number of reported elder abuse cases over the past year. Beginning in July of 2014, leading up to this past May, the agency has received 1,559 reports of suspected elder abuse complaints in Tulare County. That indicates an almost 50 percent increase in the amount of cases the county normally addresses. The question many authorities are asking is why?

As reported by the Visalia Times-Delta, initial findings point to a rising senior population in the region. “The senior population is the fastest growing segment of the population,” said Bethany Berube, Tulare County public guardian and division manager for Adult Protective Services. Continue reading

WNBA Star Seeks Marriage Annulment

Fresno Annulment WNBA superstar and Phoenix Mercury center, Britney Griner has filed for an annulment from her wife, Glory Johnson. The filing comes 29-days after the couple was married and a day after Ms. Johnson announced she was pregnant. Despite the dramatic fashion in which the announcement took place, Ms. Griner insisted that the decision was a mutual one and went on to state, “In the week prior to the wedding, I attempted to postpone the wedding several times until I completed counseling, but I still went through with it. I now realize that was a mistake.”

However, Ms. Johnson – a WNBA player herself – was said to be “blindsided” by the announcement, but plans to carry her child to term. The annulment comes a month after the couple was arrested on domestic violence charges and engaging in “mutual combat.” Continue reading

K-9 Unit Under Investigation After Vicious Police Dog Assault

A 62-year-old shopper is expected to survive after her brutal encounter with an out-of-control police dog. The vicious police dog assault incident took place in Stockton at the 2200 block of Grand Canal Boulevard. Police were using an abandoned store for training when the dog they were working with, named Kane, got loose and attacked a woman who happened to be shopping in the same mall.

As reported by KCRA 3, the woman suffered severe lacerations to her leg and witnesses described her lying in a pool of blood before she was taken to the hospital. Officials at the Stockton Police Department were quick to issue an apology and wished the injured woman a speedy recovery. Continue reading

Lee’s Sandwiches Recall: Popular Sandwich Shop Issues Meat Recall

Product Liability LawyerLee’s Sandwiches Recall: a famous sandwich shop and food distributor has come under fire after it was discovered that nearly a half million pounds of meat was shipped without being inspected. Lee’s Sandwiches, located in Garden Grove, CA has been serving up their famous Vietnamese cuisine and deli food for over two decades. On May 20th, it was determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that Lee’s primary company, LQNN, Inc., had been distributing cuts of chicken, beef, and pork without inspection.

As reported by NBC 4, the USDA discovered the discrepancy after reviewing surveillance video from Lee’s federally inspected facility. To head off any potential illness or outbreaks, the recall was issued. Continue reading