Local Seniors Scammed by Money Manager

Money Manager Rips Off Seniors

Elderly Scammed by Money Manager

When state insurance investigators began investigating the trust of a recently deceased elderly woman, they immediately noticed something was wrong. Thousands of dollars were being siphoned out of the account and going somewhere. As it turns out, the money was being pilfered by the woman’s own money manager, Greg Steen. Recently, local seniors have become scammed by money manager because they’ve become a trusted resource. As reported by ABC 30, authorities discovered the man had extracted well over $60,000 in funds he wrote off as administrative fees – despite the fact the trust’s owner had been dead years. When questioned by California Department of Insurance as to why the money had not been distributed to the designated family members, Steen explained that the intended recipients were minors and he was unable to track them down. Continue reading

Multiple Firefighters Injured in Massive Rollover Crash in Fresno

Five US Forest Service firefighters and one other man were injured Sunday when the large truck they were in was struck, causing it to roll a total of 4 times, before coming to a rest in an open field off of Highway 168. The rather expensive utility vehicle was totaled in the collision, with a towing company eventually hauling it away. As reported by ABC 30, two of the men in vehicle remain at Community Regional Medical Center with unknown injuries, while the others sustained minor injuries. The driver of the car that struck the fire truck is a 53 year-old resident of Fresno. While the car she was driving also flipped and ended up on its roof, she sustained only minor injuries. Continue reading

Fresno Police Walk The Walk

CrosswalkIn an effort to curb pedestrian accidents, which have seen a sharp increase in recent years, police took to the Fresno city streets Friday night and issued citations to anyone found in violation. Over the past number of years, local law enforcement has mapped out a number of hot spots in the region, which were the primary targets of the Friday sweep. As reported by ABC 30, officers had everyone from jaywalkers on up in their sights. Officer Sean Cowart stated that of the many possible violations, “Texting, talking on the phone and speeding probably are the biggest problems, in addition to driving impaired as well,” In total, there have been over 500 pedestrian related deaths and injuries in the Fresno area in recent years. Continue reading

Fiat Chrysler Under Fire For Takata Airbag Recall

Fiat Recall FailureIt has been over two years since Takata air bags have revealed that their products might have a lethal flaw. In that time nearly every automaker in the world has been affected in one way or another. So it was only a matter of time before Fiat Chrysler felt the pinch that so many other have. As reported by the Consumerist, Fiat has announced the recall of an additional nearly 90,000 Dodger Challengers (’08 – ’10), on top of the 11 million already announced. However, unlike its many contemporaries, Fiat has taken considerably longer to announce the mandatory recall. Continue reading