California Interpreters Now Mandatory in All California Courts

538d910463904.imageCalifornia is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the union, with many different cultures speaking over 200 different languages. It also has the nation’s largest system of courts, spread out over an expansive area of rural and urban centers. Up until recently, the state’s legal system wasn’t able to communicate with members of the ethnic groups living in the state being represented in court proceedings. That is because of the fact that while California interpreters are required in all criminal cases, they weren’t mandatory in civil cases. This meant that many people were forced to find someone to translate for them – which could be a friend, family member or even someone on the opposing legal team. Continue reading

Heat Safety App Can Help Employees Beat The Heat

OSHA-Heat-SafetyEven though we’re in the final few weeks of summer you can bet that Mother Nature will still be cranking up the heat and humidity throughout the San Joaquin Valley every day. If your job takes you outdoors, especially in construction, you understand how tough it is to work in the sun. You’ll want to be extra careful and observe some basic safety measures so you don’t end up in the emergency room. Now, OSHA has developed a Heat Safety App to mediate the basic safety measures of working during the heat. Continue reading

The New Frontier of Fresno Embryo Adoption

Fresno AdoptionThis past Friday, Dr. Howard Jones, the man considered to be the father of in vitro fertilization in the U.S., passed away. He was 104 at the time of his death, and lived long enough to see his pioneering work help thousands of desperate couples conceive children. Yet, it’s unlikely that even Dr. Jones could have anticipated the new form of adoption that has sprung up around in vitro labs across the country. Continue reading