14 Things to Kick Start the California Bankruptcy Process

Getting started in the bankruptcy process does not have to be difficult. Here are some tips that will help you. You want to make sure to disclose all of the assets and debt that you have.

  • Gather 6 months of proof of income
  • If you filed for bankruptcy before, have the details ready for your attorney
  • Gather 6 months of credit card statements
  • Gather real estate information, such as the deeds to your property
  • Gather collection letters
  • Round up copies of all late bills
  • Gather car loan and lease documents
  • Write down as much information as you can about all of the different types of debt that you currently owe
  • Collect info on balance transfers and cash advances you received in the past three months
  • Have a copy of your previous year’s tax return
  • Collect papers for your secured debt if you have any
  • Have proof of ID with you when you meet with the attorney – driver’s license or state ID, Social Security Card
  • Collect information on your valuable assets
  • File your tax return if it is late

These fourteen items are important, and they are items that your bankruptcy attorney is going to need to have. You should make sure that you take the time to collect all of this, or as much as possible, before your meeting with the attorney. Having all of the information handy is going to help them to move forward with the process of filing much more quickly.

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