K-9 Unit Under Investigation After Vicious Police Dog Assault

A 62-year-old shopper is expected to survive after her brutal encounter with an out-of-control police dog. The vicious police dog assault incident took place in Stockton at the 2200 block of Grand Canal Boulevard. Police were using an abandoned store for training when the dog they were working with, named Kane, got loose and attacked a woman who happened to be shopping in the same mall.

As reported by KCRA 3, the woman suffered severe lacerations to her leg and witnesses described her lying in a pool of blood before she was taken to the hospital. Officials at the Stockton Police Department were quick to issue an apology and wished the injured woman a speedy recovery.

Shoppers in the Marshalls directly across from the impromptu-training grounds were stunned that police would conduct such activities so close to the general public. While the Stockton P.D. has indicated they use locations that create more realistic training environments for their officers, but will reconsider this policy following the attack.

In a response, police officials stated: “The bottom line here is that this should not have happened,” and “We are committed to ensuring this does not occur again.” An investigation has been opened into the handling of Kane, who is a 4-year veteran of Stockton’s K-9 division.

Unfortunately, dog bites are a fairly common occurrence throughout Northern California. In many instances, victims are left to contend with terrible or life-altering damages on their own. If you have been bitten by a dog – especially one connected to a local municipality or law enforcement agency – time is of the essence. Generally, claims against local, state and federal government have specific deadlines that must be met.

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