One Dead Following SUV Accident in Fresno

We’re faced with vehicular accidents and death daily. Another accident in Fresno, CA has led to the death of a woman.

A woman crossing the street in Northwest Fresno was struck and killed recently. The pedestrian accident happened at the corner of Blackstone Avenue and Magill. The woman was jaywalking onto Blackstone Avenue when a sports utility vehicle traveling southbound struck her. Despite authorities arriving on scene shortly after, the victim died of her injuries.

Police believe the woman – who was homeless – was crossing the street illegally with a shopping cart at the time of the collision. She was also wearing dark clothing, which made her difficult to see at night. Investigators ruled that the victim was at fault for the collision. Continue reading

Fresno Police Walk The Walk

CrosswalkIn an effort to curb pedestrian accidents, which have seen a sharp increase in recent years, police took to the Fresno city streets Friday night and issued citations to anyone found in violation. Over the past number of years, local law enforcement has mapped out a number of hot spots in the region, which were the primary targets of the Friday sweep. As reported by ABC 30, officers had everyone from jaywalkers on up in their sights. Officer Sean Cowart stated that of the many possible violations, “Texting, talking on the phone and speeding probably are the biggest problems, in addition to driving impaired as well,” In total, there have been over 500 pedestrian related deaths and injuries in the Fresno area in recent years. Continue reading