Fresno Police Walk The Walk

CrosswalkIn an effort to curb pedestrian accidents, which have seen a sharp increase in recent years, police took to the Fresno city streets Friday night and issued citations to anyone found in violation. Over the past number of years, local law enforcement has mapped out a number of hot spots in the region, which were the primary targets of the Friday sweep. As reported by ABC 30, officers had everyone from jaywalkers on up in their sights. Officer Sean Cowart stated that of the many possible violations, “Texting, talking on the phone and speeding probably are the biggest problems, in addition to driving impaired as well,” In total, there have been over 500 pedestrian related deaths and injuries in the Fresno area in recent years.

In one particular area of Blackstone Avenue, officers reported issuing over 10 different citations to pedestrians in under an hour. This was on top of regularly posted DUI stops nearby. “We’re not here because we want to write citations; we don’t want people to get hit by a car,” said Officer Cowart. Fresno residents can expect similar patrols and sweeps over the coming months as authorities attempt to crackdown on pedestrian related accidents.

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