Fresno Hit And Run Collision Injuries

So you’ve been involved in an accident. Maybe you hit someone. Maybe they hit you. Whatever the case may be, your initial reaction would be to pull over and check the situation, right? Check to see if the other driver is okay, look at your car for damage. It seems like such a simple act that when someone chooses to speed off it is unbelievable. Many acts of hit and run occur almost daily. Understand your right when you get into Fresno Hit and Run Collision Injuries

Unfortunately, this is an all too common scenario in California. Many people are involved in hit and run collisions every year on our streets and highways. 2015 has been no exception. Take for instance an accident that recently happened in Fresno.

A motorcyclist traveling eastbound on Tulare Street was struck by a van turning on B Street. The rider was thrown from the bike and suffered serious injuries. Yet, despite all this, the woman driving the van decided to go home instead of stay with the injured cyclist.

The at-fault driver did eventually return to the scene and was cooperative with police. The man was transported to a local hospital. Police are still treating the accident as a hit and run.

Remember, if you have been injured in a hit and run accident – or lost a loved one as a result – you may have legal options. Call the Fresno personal injury team at the Law Office of Rick D. Banks to discuss your rights.

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