Truck Drivers Required to Log Hours Electronically

Before, the idea of truck drivers required to log hours electronically was laughable. Little has changed in the way truck-drivers log their hours in the past century. Since 1938, tractor-trailer operators have kept written logs of everything that takes place while they are on the job. Hours driven, maintenance provided, shipments delivered, etc. But this has many clear regulatory drawbacks. Drivers can manipulate the data sets by erasing entries. Or they can keep two different sets of books. A new law but forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hopes to change that by truck drivers required to log hours electronically.

But a new law put forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hopes to change all that. Continue reading

Fresno Car Accidents: Fatal Head On Collision Claims 3 Lives

Fresno Truck AccidentOne individual remains in the hospital with serious injuries while three other people are dead, following a head on collision just outside of Millerton Lake. As first reported by ABC 30, the accident took place at approximately 7 a.m. on Monday morning, just as Labor Day traffic began to filter onto the highways.

A car heading eastbound on Millerton Road veered into the path of oncoming traffic for unknown reasons. The vehicle was struck head on near Winchell Cove Road by a construction truck heading in the opposite direction. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers reported both the female driver of the car and individual driving the construction vehicle died at the scene. A passenger in the truck who survived the collision was taken to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. Continue reading

Multiple Firefighters Injured in Massive Rollover Crash in Fresno

Five US Forest Service firefighters and one other man were injured Sunday when the large truck they were in was struck, causing it to roll a total of 4 times, before coming to a rest in an open field off of Highway 168. The rather expensive utility vehicle was totaled in the collision, with a towing company eventually hauling it away. As reported by ABC 30, two of the men in vehicle remain at Community Regional Medical Center with unknown injuries, while the others sustained minor injuries. The driver of the car that struck the fire truck is a 53 year-old resident of Fresno. While the car she was driving also flipped and ended up on its roof, she sustained only minor injuries. Continue reading

Truck Accident Claims Father of Two

A father is dead and his 4-year-old girl remains in serious condition with a fractured skull following a near head-on collision just outside of Fresno. According to a report by ABC 30, the accident occurred on Thursday afternoon near Reedley at Englehart and Floral Avenues. Investigators believe a tractor-trailer leaving Ruiz Foods in Dinuba failed to yield at a two-way stop sign and broadsided the car. It is also believed that the driver of the car, a father traveling with his two children and wife, took evasive measures to avoid a head-on collision. Officer Santiago Benitez of the California Highway Patrol suggests, “It appears from some of the physical evidence on the scene that he attempted to swerve to the right. Doing so, it broadsided the vehicle and not resulting in a head-on collision with the semi-tractor trailer.”

Investigators believe, were it not for the father’s decisive action to turn, putting himself right in the line of fire with the truck, the accident could have been far worse, even if everyone was wearing their seat belts. The truck was carrying a full load at the time of the wreck, weighing in at over 38,000 lbs. Fortunately, the mother and one daughter walked away with minor injuries, while the couple’s 4-year-old received a metal plate in her head and remains in the hospital. Continue reading