Multiple Firefighters Injured in Massive Rollover Crash in Fresno

Five US Forest Service firefighters and one other man were injured Sunday when the large truck they were in was struck, causing it to roll a total of 4 times, before coming to a rest in an open field off of Highway 168. The rather expensive utility vehicle was totaled in the collision, with a towing company eventually hauling it away. As reported by ABC 30, two of the men in vehicle remain at Community Regional Medical Center with unknown injuries, while the others sustained minor injuries. The driver of the car that struck the fire truck is a 53 year-old resident of Fresno. While the car she was driving also flipped and ended up on its roof, she sustained only minor injuries.

At the moment, California Highway Patrol believes the accident could have been avoided. An initial investigation suggests the driver of the car was attempting to merge into the lane in which the fire truck was driving. One officer on the scene suggested: “At the end of the intersection, the vehicle tried to merge back over and collided with the right side of the fire truck.” Investigators state that DUI was not a factor in the accident, however they are still attempting to determine if the driver’s attempt to maneuver into the lane triggered the accident.

Large truck accidents occur every day throughout California. More often than not, it is the larger vehicle’s fault for missing the other cars in the lane or simply misjudging its strength or size. However, in some instances smaller cars can hide in a truck’s blind spot or seemingly come out of nowhere and cause serious damage. If you have been involved in a truck accident, not of your own doing, contact Law Office of Rick D. Banks today and discuss your legal options with our team.

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