Truck Accident in Fresno Kills One

tractor-trailer-on-the-road-sizedA 29-year old Dinuba man suffered deadly injuries after a big rig collided with his Honda sedan. The truck accident in Fresno occurred just south of Selma, along Highway 42 at the intersection of Mountain View Avenue. As reported by ABC 30, the victim was heading westbound on Mountain View Avenue when he was struck by the semi. The truck then continued moving forward, uprooting an orange tree and crashing through a cement wall before ending up in a pool. California Highway Patrol officer Alex Reyes was relieved that more people were not injured in the accident. “Had that big rig turned one way or another 15 feet, it would have basically gone into the residence.” the officer stated.

Locals believe this that more traffic and increased signage in the area has lead to an increase in collisions. One neighbor who lives near where the collision happened stated, “It’s still rural and you have tremendous amounts of traffic on both Mountain View and Highway 43.” Unfortunately this is an all too common situation in Northern California with long stretches of highway meeting up with small rural communities.

Regardless of traffic signage and designated speed limits, negligent truck drivers can cause terrible amounts of damage if they are not prepared for changes in road traffic. If you or a loved one has been injured in a similar truck accident, contact the Law Office of Rick D. Banks to get the help you need.

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