Alimony Attorney: How Is Alimony Calculated in California?

If you are currently in the midst of California divorce proceedings, you may be entitled to alimony payments – otherwise known as spousal support payments. Alimony may be short-term (pendente lite) or long-term and generally requires that the higher earning spouse pay the other spouse a specified amount of a money for a predetermined period of time. […]

Spousal Support Lawyer: How Long Does It Take to Get Spousal Support?

A spousal support lawyer may be able to assist you with obtaining temporary spousal support while your divorce case is pending. Temporary spousal support will allow you to maintain the same kind of lifestyle that you maintained over the course of your marriage and will last until your divorce case concludes. Other types of alimony, […]

How Is Fresno Spousal Support Determined?

Fresno Spousal Support This is one of the first questions asked by divorcing spouses.  If you are the supported spouse, you will want to know about your financial security and how long you will have to become reasonably self-supporting.  The supporting or obligor spouse will want to know how long they will be required to […]

Southern California Activist Seeks To End Alimony in California

If Steve Clark has his way, alimony will no longer be an enforceable measure in California’s family courts by 2016. Of course, he’ll need the signatures – all 365, 880 of them – in order to register for the November 2016 ballot. But with the support and permission from the California Secretary of State, Mr. […]

Divorced Women and Social Security

I have had several female clients ask me about their right to collecting social security retirement benefits from their ex-husband’s account. So I thought a brief “14 Things Every Woman Should Know About Social Security” would be helpful. Here goes:

Does Palimony Exist in California?

Palimony is a similar idea to alimony for married couples. Palimony is essentially some sort of compensation when the relationship of a non-married couple comes to an end. California technically does not have palimony laws because this state does not recognize common law marriages. Without being married, neither party in a couple has rights to […]

Alimony and Child Support when Your Ex Has a New Mate

After going through a divorce, most people will again start looking for love, and they will find new partners. This can be a very good thing as it allows people to move beyond the bad memories and into what is hopefully a happier life. However, things are not always rosy, especially when one has to […]