Adopting a Stepchild in California

Blended families have become increasingly common — and in many cases, stepparents are actively involved in the life of their stepchild. If your spouse has children from a previous marriage, you might have developed a strong emotional bond with them. Adoption can be the next logical step to legalize the parent-child relationship you both share. […]

How Do I Modify My Child Custody Agreement?

Child custody can be an emotional issue for everyone involved, especially if circumstances arise that warrant a modification. However, once an order has been issued by the court, you may be wondering whether you can change a child custody agreement, and the steps that must be taken in order to do so. It’s important to […]

What Are the Consequences of Not Paying Child Support?

It can be difficult to meet all your financial obligations each month. However, the consequences of not paying child support can be much greater than the repercussions that might come with failing to pay your other bills. Not only can disregarding a court order for child support result in civil sanctions, but criminal penalties can […]

How is Child Custody Determined in California?

Child custody is often one of the most emotional and contentious issues parents face when they divorce or separate. Significantly, when parents part ways, a decision must be made regarding where the children will live and who will make decisions on their behalf. Custody can be determined in one of two ways — parents can […]

What Does it Mean to Have 50/50 Custody in California?

When a couple with children divorces or separates, their top priority should be the best interests of their children. Recognizing that it’s crucial for children to develop meaningful relationships and maintain strong bonds with each parent, California courts prefer shared custody whenever possible. Also referred to as “50/50” custody, these types of custodial arrangements allow […]

Do California Courts Allow for Half-Sibling Visitation?

When a couple divorces or separates, it can have a significant emotional impact on their children. They might not only have to adjust to a new home or school, but children can face many other changes regarding their living situation. Significantly, siblings often rely on each other during these stressful times, providing comfort and support. […]

Compassionate Counsel for Grandparents’ Rights in Fresno

Grandparents often play an integral role in their grandchildren’s lives. In some families, they might even take on the responsibilities of a parent. Unfortunately, when a couple divorces or separates, the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild can sometimes be threatened. The emotional bond between a grandparent and grandchild can be strong — and judges […]

5 Things You Should Know Before Fostering a Child

There are thousands of children in California in the foster system who need loving homes. Being a foster parent can come with countless rewards. But there might also be some unexpected challenges. It’s important to make sure you and your family are adequately prepared before making the decision to care for a foster child. Although […]

5 Tips for Co-Parenting With a Difficult Ex

Raising children with an ex isn’t easy — even if your relationship is amicable. But dealing with an uncooperative or difficult ex can make co-parenting even more challenging. Importantly, there are still ways you can work with your ex to raise emotionally healthy children. By following some basic co-parenting tips, you can help to ensure […]

Can I Request a Guardian ad Litem for My California Custody Case?

Child custody matters can become complicated when parents disagree on an arrangement. Unfortunately, children sometimes get stuck in the middle. In contentious cases that involve a child’s best interests, a guardian ad litem may be necessary to advocate for the child. While a guardian ad litem can either be requested by a parent or appointed […]