What is Child Emancipation?

There may be many reasons a young adult might wish to live separate and apart from their parents. Although the age of majority is 18 in California, a child can legally be considered an adult by becoming emancipated. However, child emancipation is a step that the minor must take for themselves. Parents cannot seek to […]

California Postnuptial Agreements

People don’t usually think about the possibility of their marriage ending when they’re tying the knot. However, since divorce is not uncommon, more couples are considering taking certain precautions to protect their assets and property in the event that they end up parting ways. While most people are familiar with prenuptial agreements, there’s another type […]

Choosing a Co-Parenting App

If you and your spouse or partner have decided to part ways, your priority should be the best interests of your children. However, emotions can run high when you’re going through a divorce or separation, and it’s not unusual for co-parents to face challenges when it comes to communicating — or trying to keep track […]

How Does Stepparent Adoption in California Work?

While it is not mandatory for a stepparent to adopt the child of their spouse, voluntarily assuming parental responsibility can have a huge, beneficial impact on a child’s life. But the process of stepparent adoption in California is complex. An experienced Fresno family law attorney can help you complete the adoption as efficiently as possible. Who […]

What to Include in a Parenting Plan

Creating a parenting plan is often a fundamental part of the divorce process. The plan typically works out issues such as where the children will reside and just how much parenting time each parent should receive. By crafting a comprehensive parenting plan early on, you can help prevent future fights over unanswered issues. Below, we discuss what to […]

How to Fight False Allegations in Family Court

Unfortunately, false allegations of child abuse have become common in family cases — after all, it’s not very hard to make an allegation. All it takes is a declaration under oath with a depiction of the abuse. But at the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks, our experienced family law attorneys know how to fight false allegations in family court. […]

What Are Grandparent’s Rights in California?

In many families, grandparents are deeply involved in their grandchildren’s lives. Sometimes, they may even take on the role of parent. However, after a divorce, grandparents may wonder whether they have visitation rights under the law. To learn more about grandparent’s rights in California, speak to a family law attorney at the Law Office of Rick D. Banks today. […]

What Are the Consequences of Child Visitation Interference in California?

California courts take parenting time seriously, as court-ordered parenting schedules are created in the best interests of the child. So, when one parent significantly hinders the parenting time of their spouse, the court may respond with severe consequences. At the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks we can help you protect your visitation rights. If you are experiencing […]

What Is the Punishment for Contempt of Court in Family Court?

In a California family case, a contempt of court order can be a powerful enforcement tool. It’s available to either spouse when the other refuses to comply with a court order. Below, we discuss the punishment for contempt of court in family court, as well as what court orders can and can’t be enforceable by a contempt of court […]

How Does the Adoption Process Work?

In order to begin the adoption process, you must first understand the different types of adoption. Below, we explain adoption procedures, and steps you need to take for each type of adoption. To learn more, contact the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks. Stepparent Adoption Stepparent adoption is a legal process in which a custodial parent’s […]