Non-Biological and Alleged Father Responsibilities in California

Questions regarding paternity can sometimes be raised during a divorce or separation. While child custody and support are two critical issues that must be resolved when a couple chooses to part ways, you might wonder what your parental obligations are if you’re not the biological father. Or, if you are the child’s father — but […]

What Is Assisted Reproductive Technology?

If you have considered fertility treatment, you should consult an assisted reproductive technology attorney. Many people use assisted reproductive technology (ART) to conceive and give birth to a child. However, ART has many legal challenges that should be considered. Call Law Offices of Rick D. Banks at (559) 222-4891.   What Is Assisted Reproductive Technology? […]

How to Establish Paternity in California

Paternity must be legally established in order to determine who should be providing financial child support or who should have child custody and visitation rights. Read below to find out more about how to establish paternity in California. Why Is Establishing Paternity Important? Advantages to establishing paternity include: Identification of both parents through legal documentation Putting the […]

A Paternity Lawyer Can Help You Establish Parentage of Your Child

Asserting your parental rights may seem daunting – especially without the help of a knowledgeable paternity lawyer. Whether your ties to your child are biological or not, you have parental rights. However, you must first establish your paternity legally. What Is Paternity? California interchangeably uses “parentage” and “paternity” in referring to a child’s legal parents. […]

The Path to Establishing Paternity in California

In the state of California, when a married couple has a baby, the father is automatically assumed to be the legal guardian. This is also true for domestic partner parents: the law automatically considers the father in the relationship the biological father. However, what happens when the relationship is not so clear-cut? What happens when […]