Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is a serious matter. However, there are legal steps a victim can take to protect themselves and their family from the actions of an abuser. One of the most important things you can do if you’ve been subjected to abuse, stalking, violence, or harassment is obtain a restraining order. Not only can a […]

A Restraining Order Attorney Can Help You Obtain a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

There are unfortunate situations where you may be in fear of, or have been, abused by someone you know. A knowledgeable restraining order attorney can help you obtain a domestic violence restraining order against your abuser to prevent further abuse. The order can extend to your family or household members. Domestic Violence Defined California defines […]

Obtaining a California Domestic Violence Restraining Order

If you have been abused, or are suffering from a pattern of abuse from a friend of loved one, you might not be sure of what steps to take next. Abuse – emotional, physical or sexual – can leave victims numb to the situation, and to the ways to potentially resolve it. This is especially true when […]

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

What Rights Do You Have with a Restraining Order? Do you know what a restraining order is? While most people know that they are available for people who are victims of domestic abuse, stalking, and other crimes, they are able to do more than that. It is also possible to get one of these orders […]

Restraining Orders – How to Get One?

Chances are that you’ve heard the term “restraining order” before. Celebrities often have to have these orders against overzealous and sometimes dangerous fans that simply do not know when to stay away. Celebrities are certainly not the only ones who have a need for these types of orders though. In California, if you feel as […]