What Happens If One Parent Is Withholding a Child From Another Parent?

Unfortunately, sometimes divorced spouses can’t seem to co-parent successfully. Ignoring the existing parenting plan, a custodial parent may intentionally prevent the non-custodial parent from seeing their child for months, or even sometimes years. So what happens if one parent is withholding a child from another parent? While many non-custodial parents may simply accept this type of behavior, […]

Child Support Attorney: How to Obtain a Child Support Order

If you are currently in the process of obtaining an order for support in the State of California, an experienced Fresno child support attorney may be able to help. Under California law, a parent may be entitled to collect child support if he or she has been granted sole physical custody of the child or children. […]

How Does the Fresno Divorce Process Work?

The Fresno divorce process can be daunting when a divorcing spouse first encounters it.  Most people have never been in litigation and may be dealing with the court process for the first time with their contested divorce proceeding. Litigation refers to the period of time between the filing of the initial divorce and a final […]